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Will they come back?

Most problems require exclusion work or a change in the habits of the homeowner. This is to provide a permanent fix to the problem and not require the repeated services of a Wildlife Control Operator.

I have pets and children, can you remove the animal without any threat to them?

Yes, the problem animal can be removed or excluded without any danger to children, pets, and other wildlife. Removing the problem animal also limits the possibility of contraction of diseases known to be communicable between humans and wildlife.

What will happen to the animal?

Here at Wildlife Busters we strive to meet the customer’s request as to the outcome of the removed animal as long as it follows our moral, ethical, and legal constraints. At all times we consider the welfare of the animal. Understand though that some species are directed by state law to be euthanized due to there ability to transfer life threatening disease, and we are unable to re-locate them to a suitable habitat.

How much will this cost?

Beware of flat rates that seem to low or too high, as they are likely to be. All situations with wildlife are different and require varying amounts of work and time. Each animal, the location of the animal and the extent of access points all have different degrees of difficulty. Pricing will vary depending upon that degree of difficulty. Have a professional visit the site and get an estimate.

Are you licensed by the state to perform such work?

Many pest control companies are not licensed to perform wildlife control work and will do so illegally with individuals trained to spray bugs. At Wildlife Busters we are tested and licensed by the state of New York and New Jersey.

Do you warranty your work?

Coming soon.