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Residential Bird Control

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Wildlife Busters extensive knowledge and experience in residential bird control problems allows us to determine the most effective, long-term solution for your nuisance bird issue.    Typical residential issues include: nesting in bathroom, dryer  and other vents as well as open eves and soffits, woodpeckers pecking (for either mating or foraging purposes) on cedar siding or other forms of siding.  In addition to property damage, bird droppings are extremely hazardous to you and your family. Birds carry allergens, parasites, bacteria and other health risks to humans. Histoplasmosis, encephalitis and other infectious diseases are spread by birds.

The most common residential nuisance birds that Wildlife Busters encounter are sparrows, woodpeckers, pigeons and starlings.   Wildlife Busters residential bird control approach emphasizes deterrents, exclusion and modification of habitat and structures.  Our bird control process includes:

  1. Thorough site inspection of the residence and onsite interview with the customer
  2. Further exploration and analysis of bird control issue based on inspection, customer interview and our in-depth industry knowledge and experience
  3. Evaluate the environment, identify bird types, activity levels and attractants
  4. Creation of bird barriers and bird deterrents
  5. Exclusion of access points
  6. Damage/Decontamination and Sanitization
  7. Site Clean up
  8. Monitor, evaluate and make adjustments, if necessary

If you are having a nuisance bird issue, Who You Gonna Call? Wildlife Busters at 855-945-1212 to permanently resolve your bird control issue.