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"I just wanted to thank you were knowledgeable, professional and personable...thank you for taking the time to not only inspect the problem but educate me on how to be proactive to prevent further wildlife problems. It is obvious that you care."


New Paltz, NY

"Hello, I was referred to Wildlife Busters by my local police dept. after spotting what had appeared to be a rabid raccoon on my property. I spoke with Ben over the telephone and as soon as I mentioned that I had two small children in my home Ben made it his priority to drive one hour on a VERY EARLY Sunday morning to assist my family. Ben was extremely thorough in his search for the animal and even took the time to discuss respecting wildlife from a safe distance with my young son. Ben was extremely professional, knowledgeable and dedicated. Thank you Wildlife Busters for responding so quickly and for making my family feel safe! Sincerely"

Jill Post and Family

Monroe, NY

"Wildlife Busters was great. Ben was responsive and knowledgeable about the animals. He not only handled the problem promptly but he stayed in contact with me throughout the day to make sure all was well. He mad me feel safe."



"I own a home in Westchester County. I was introduced to Ben Munger by J.P McHale Pest Management as an expert in trapping and pest control during the first quarter of 2011. I hired him at that time to deal with a difficult raccoon intrusion problem in my home, which I discovered by accident. I was very impressed by his quick response to my call, his prompt review of my situation, and by his presentation of the treatment options. I hired him, and he immediately began to systematically deal with my pest control problem. He followed a strict process developed from expertise. The process involved a number of visits to identify the possible entry points, observe and test them, attract the animals externally and eventually seal the house when he determined we were pest free. The final stage in my case was cleanup and re-insulation which was very professionally done. He was very thorough in his work, and his communication, including pictures, of the steps he took along the way was excellent. He was also very reliable in terms of meeting time commitments for appointments. The end result was a pest free home properly sealed for weak entry points to avoid future incursions. Ben also made a number of recommendations regarding possible structural issues which could develop into problems down the road. Despite having access to roofers and carpenters, he was the only one who noticed these things. I am following through on those suggestions. In summary, I highly recommend Ben Munger as an outstanding trapper and pest control expert. He was extremely conscientious in his work, and he was a genuine pleasure to work with. I would rate him a solid 10. I have retained him to to periodically monitor my home to reduce the likelihood of future problems in this area. "

W. S.

Westchester County - Rye

"I had a dead raccoon in my shed and needed removed ASAP. The local animal control officer referred me to Wildlife Busters. I was skeptical when I called Ben because 3 other wildlife control companies had quoted me a large amount of money. Ben’s price was much lower and he came and removed the carcass the same day. He was also very professional and courteous. I would use Wildlife Busters again and refer them to a friend. "


Orangeburg, NY

"I have been employing Wildlife Busters for several years on my property (6 acres) in Cold Spring, NY for animal control maintenance. Ben is professional, reasonably priced, thorough and a pleasure to work with. He is a responsive communicator, which is incredibly helpful. I have enjoyed getting to know Ben well over these past few years, but more importantly, I have appreciate and value the service and product he adeptly provides. Thanks!!"

Chas Chigas

Cold Spring, NY

"After making phone calls to several different wildlife removal businesses, none of which could meet my needs, I was referred to Wildlife Busters. After having a very professional and informative conversation with the owner, Ben, I hired Wildlife Busters. Ben was not only responsive but knowledgeable, prompt and very professional. I will definitely be calling Wildlife Busters again for my wildlife and general pest control issues."


Airmont, NY

"My wife and I own a home in Hopewell Junction. The back of our property is wooded so we\'ve become quite used to the wildlife in our yard. This spring a female raccoon decided that the space under our deck would make a nice home for her and her litter. We tolerated a raccoon the previous year, but we were not going to entertain the whole family. Upon finding that Dutchess County no longer provides wildlife management, I did an internet search for companies serving our area and Wildlife Busters came up on top. I called them and Ben was back to us in a few hours to hear our concerns. We met and it was immediately clear to me that Ben was as concerned about the safety of the animal as he was with ours. He came up with a solution that met our requirement to invite the animal to leave but did not stress her or her babies by trapping and relocating; a win-win for all. Our story does not stop there. Ben had expressed some concern about other vulnerabilities we had with respect to burrowing animals on his initial visit. We thought we could address that on our own with a plan we discussed with Ben. Before we could do as we planned, a female skunk with babies decided that the space recently vacated by the raccoon was prime real estate and moved in. Once again we called Ben and he was \"right on it\" he came up with another animal and homeowner friendly solution and the skunks have moved on. I really hope that our animal saga is over but if we ever need a solution to wildlife concerns again, there will be only one call and that will be to Ben and Wildlife Busters! The company is competitively priced and provides a personal touch that has becoming exceedingly rare, today. Thanks Ben and team, well done!"

Paul Corish

Hopewell Junction NY

"When we started getting multiple bat intrusions in our home, we called Ben and found out the hard way that the exterior perimeter of our home had, over the course of a number of years, become something of breeding ground for little brown bats. Ben and his crew responded immediately and within 48 hours installed the preliminary bat deterrents around the outside of our home. They diligently checked and adjusted the deterrents until they (and we!) were satisfied that our little brown bat friends had been successfully excluded from the interior and exterior of our home. Ben and his team are knowledgeable, professional and reassuring. Without reservations, I heartily recommend him and Wild Life Busters."

Bruce and Ayn

New Paltz

"We had snake and mice issues in our building. Mice were coming inside and the snakes were coming inside after them to eat them. They were actually in our office area. Ben came and showed us the openings on the outside of the building where the snakes and mice were getting in and out. He talked to us about his process and we found him to be very knowledgeable and informative. He was able to find all of the holes and close them off and not only was our snake problem resolved; we no longer have mice! We would absolutely recommend Wildlife Busters to anyone experiencing a problem and would be happy to use them again in the future. Overall, Wildlife Busters was extremely informative, helpful and reasonably priced! "

Highway Rehab

Brewster, NY

"My family & I recently had an invasion of squirrels in our home. Due to the recent storms our soffit was damaged and unfortunately squirrels made it their home. I contacted Wildlife Busters and was extremely pleased with the prompt & immediate service I received. They were sensible and humane with their techniques which not only got the squirrels out but got our home back in order. Thank you Wildlife Busters! "

Ian Frey

"Ben came to our home this morning to help us determine our rodent problem. He was able to quickly provide us a solution and was excellent to deal with. My wife was home and when finished he called me and explained exactly what to buy and how to solve the problem. "

John Klassen