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Warranties & Service Plans

Wildlife Busters stands behind all of its services aimed to cure and prevent wildlife infestations. We back the work we perform with written warranties. Warranty lengths can vary depending on many factors. Warranties are not insurance policies rather they are a guarantee that the work we do will last for at least the length of the warranty period. If by chance something does happen within the warranty period our technicians will return to repair the problem at no additional costs to you.

Approximate warranty lengths:

Service Provided Term
Exclusion Services 1.5 to 3 years
Animal Damage Repair 6 months to 3 years
Trenching/Rat Walls 2 to 5 years
Bird Control 1 to 5 years

Extended service plans

Extended service plans are offered at the end of most warranties and allow our customers to be proactive in maintaining a wildlife free environment. Our office will contact each customer upon the expiration of his/her warranty to offer our extended service plan.

Why should you have to pay for an extended service plan?

With the harsh winters we have been seeing in New York, residential and commercial properties can dramatically change and allow wildlife to enter in new areas of your home. Our service plans allow customers the satisfaction of never paying for a full exclusion again. Service charges for this plan are a small percentage of your original exclusionary cost.