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Bat Removal and Exclusion

bat removal exclusion
Wildlife Busters® specializes in the removal and exclusion of bats and bat colonies for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional properties.  All of our bat removal techniques are environmentally friendly and ecologically safe to ensure that only humane bat control is practiced.  Under no circumstance are poisons or chemicals ever used or needed to properly remove a bat or bat colony.

Our wildlife technicians are highly trained and detail oriented to ensure that we discover all access points.  Failure to properly seal on ¼ inch gap can result in an incomplete bat removal and exclusion process.  At the beginning of each bat removal exclusion solution, we will present you with a complete description of our services including costs and warranty lengths.

How are Bats removed?

Wildlife Busters® bat removal process consists of the following:

  • Thorough site inspection, which allows us to identify all entry points and to approximate the population level.
  • Install a one-way exclusionary door made specifically for certain areas of the bats entry.  We seal all secondary entryways.
  • Once we determine that the bats have been removed from your home, we remove all one-way exclusionary door(s) and seal off those areas.

bat removal and exclusion

Our wildlife technicians will use a combination of materials on a bat exclusion including, hardware screen, caulking, flashing and foam.  The materials used depend upon the location and what we determine will work best under all weather conditions.  Our workmanship is discreet and professional.  We offer extensive repairs to residential and commercial structures to ensure that you maintain a bat free environment and assist us in validating warranties.

The Environmental Benefits of Bats

Bats consume enormous quantities of mosquitoes and other insects each year making them very beneficial to the ecosystem and should not, under any circumstance, be touched, injured, or killed.   A single little brown bat can consume up to 1000 mosquitoes/insects in one hour.

During their maternity season May-August, we do not recommend bat removal.

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