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Where do bugs go in the winter? Part III

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Where do bugs go in the winter? Part III

Spiders in house
The spiders you find in your home in the winter have actually been there a long time. Outdoor spiders don’t seek refuge inside of buildings during the winter.
Where Do Mosquitoes Go in the Winter? They look for just the right place! – When temperatures fall too low, most mosquitoes will die off. Some, however, find shelter and go dormant through the winter. Most species survive by laying winter-hardy eggs that hatch in the spring.

Where Do Spiders Go in the Winter? Surprise! They’ve been there all along! – Contrary to popular belief, spiders don’t come inside because of cold temperatures. The ones you see in your house have been there all year long! These spiders colonize your home thanks to egg sacs that are inadvertently brought into your home. Normally, they avoid you. In fact, those spiders you do see are usually males looking for mates. Many outdoor spiders are cold-tolerant and hide from predators before going dormant through the winter.

Where Do Stink Bugs Go in the Winter? Someplace calm and secluded! – These agricultural pests have become real suburban pests in the last few years thanks to their desire to overwinter inside our homes. Stink bugs will seek out quiet places in your home, including your attic, crawl space or wall voids, often emerging during warm spells.

If you’re experiencing bug problems call a wildlife professional.

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