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Description: Histoplasmosis is a lung infection cased by inhaling the spores of the fungus, Histoplasma Capsulatum.

Cause: Inhaling the mold spores.  Spores are often encountered in old or abandoned bird or bat roosts, especially those in damp ore moist areas.  Birds and bats do not carry this disease, but they are associated with it because their droppings enrich soil and promote the growth of the fungus.

Please note, Wildlife Busters® highly recommends our Animal Decontamination and Sanitization Services for most bat and bird infestation removal circumstances, especially when bats or birds have been residing in a dark moist place within your commercial or residential property ( i.e. attic, soffits, warehouse rafters, salt domes).

Symptoms: Flu like symptoms anywhere from 3 to 18 days after potential exposure.

Treatment: Antifungal medication may be used.  Seek professional medical attention immediately.

Other Facts:

  • The best way to prevent exposure to histoplasmosis is to discourage birds and bats from roosting within buildings.
  • The fungus is common in our area, protect yourself before going near bird or bat droppings.

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