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Description: The term “mange” applies to several skin diseases in mammals that are caused by microscopic burrowing mites. It’s a contagious infestation that affects many species, including wildlife and domestic animals. Two forms, “sarcoptic mange” (also known as “scabies”) and “chorioptic mange” can be transmitted to people.

Causes: New hosts pick up the parasites from direct contact with an infested animal or its nesting area, or when the mites leave an abandoned nest in search of a new host. So, for example, if squirrels are removed from an attic but no one’s cleaned up after them, their mites might wander into the home looking for another source of food and shelter (a new host).

Mange, Mange Dogs, Mange Cats

Mange Cats

Symptoms: A rash that usually looks like pimples, but may look like blisters or an inflammation; it usually appears on the forearms, thighs, and abdomen. Reactions vary. Generally, the mites die off, because they don’t do as well on people.

Treatment: Although doctors don’t often attempt to kill the mites with drugs, they may offer patients medication to control the itchiness so the patient doesn’t scratch constantly, which could invite other infections.

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